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We are committed to assisting you in the usage of English. One of our programs to facilitate this is our FREE English Question and Answer Forum devoted to your specific questions regarding English Language use. (grammar, idioms, etc.)

Simply enter your question, along with your name and email address. Your email address will never be released to anyone. It will only be used to respond to your question and to provide you with updates regarding new Knowledge / Growth Support services and activities.

We generally respond to questions within 24 hours. Your questions and their answers will also be posted on our FREE English Language FAQ page for the benefit of others who may have similar questions.

Please limit the number of questions, as we can only handle a reasonable number each day. Should you have questions which may require complex answers or if you have multiple points that you wish to be addressed comprehensively, you may arrange for a
one-on-one Q&A session with one of our editors.

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