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 Welcome to KGSupport

We are a quality English language center dedicated to providing the most reasonably priced editorial services to academics, professionals, and businesses.

Legal Document Grammer and Style Review and Editing 

Legal practitioners acknowledge the marketing advantages of adopting a standard document style for firms when tendering for work, appealing to clients, and drafting documents. And to measure up to client expectations, law firms need to make sure that these documents they issue are free from grammar errors.

KGSupport offers document review and editing services specifically geared towards the legal community. This assistance ensures the delivery of legal documents that will be appropriate for its intended readers and will retain legal meaning and relevance.

Our team of highly qualified legal editors has many years of hands-on experience in dealing with legal documents for major legal firms.
  We have extensive background in handling legal papers such as agreements, contracts, wills, promissory notes, leases, as well general business correspondences like letters to clients and emails.  This will help you optimize your billable time by reducing costs and providing support to your own client service.

Contact us at for more information.

Asian Legal Business recently underscored our work with the publication of a special feature. Click HERE to view a PDF copy of the article.


Audio File Transcriptions

KGS provides English legal transcription services using digital voice recordings as the source. This service allows lawyers to hard copy correspondence documents relating to both civil and criminal procedures. These may include testimonies, pleadings, interrogations, administrative hearings, etc.

We also prepare transcriptions for general correspondence–letters, legal pleadings, court proceedings, deposition summaries, transcription of meetings, interviews, etc.

We accept files in the standard formats. These include files in DSS, WAV, or MP3, among others. If you have special format requirements, please let us know. You can send your recorded files through your computer, and upload them to us via the Internet using FTP or e-mail service.

We can transcribe into any format you require. Simply enclose a template or an outline and we will furnish you the transcript in that form. Otherwise, we will transcribe in our standard MS Word format.

We ensure accuracy by having two proofreaders go over each transcript to eliminate “inaudibles” and clear up any misheard words and phrases.

Ensure the confidentiality of your documents.

We understand how you value your clients’ security. Thus we likewise commit ourselves to your interests and have our editors each sign a confidentiality contract to ensure the security of your documents. In our current practice, all files which go through us are automatically deleted once they have been submitted to the clients. WE DO NOT KEEP REFERENCE FILES.

Our client list includes scientists, professors, and students in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the USA. We have clients in a varied number of industries (translation companies, publishing houses, manufacturing facilities, etc.) and also process the legal document requirements of small- to medium-sized law firms.

We also offer custom editorial services. For other English Languages Services, please contact us via email, fax or phone to cover your requirements.